The New Era of Heavy Rock
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    a breath of fresh air and a youthful flair -
    that's what rock music desperately needs.
    SPY # ROW can claim to be a fundamentally different kind of band. The slogan "band" means more to the members than just a group of musicians making music together - SPY # ROW is in fact family!

    This becomes clear when you consider that three of the four members are brothers and have known the fourth member since birth. They grew up together, lived through every phase of life together and always kept their passion for handmade rock music. In 2022 the youngest brother Joe joined the band at the age of 16 - with him the boarding is completed and SPY # ROW is ready for take off...

    Musically, SPY # ROW embodies THE NEW ERA OF HEAVY ROCK. Modern and refreshing, the guys represent principles that once made the rock genre great and are increasingly lost today: Cracking riff rock, a dirty and melodic voice with high recognition value and driving beats makes the music accessible to many ears.

    The band provides a perfect example of this on the freshly recorded album: After a tour with NAZARETH, a feature with Carl Sentance - the voice of bands such as NAZARETH, DON AIREY and KROKUS - was created. A sign of how tradition is compatible with modernity.
    • Sam Jaeger
      Vocals & Bass
    • Tim Jaeger
    • Arian Gerhardt
    • Joe Jaeger
    Toursupport Nazareth (2019)
    Support for the Scottish Hardrock-Legends NAZARETH on their GIANTS OF ROCK-tour Through Germany and Switzerland.
    Support W.A.S.p.
    Support for the US-Hardrock-Legends W.a.s.p. on their Show in frankfurt in context of their Reidolized-Tour.
    Emergenza Finals
    Second Place at the German Finals of Emergenza Bandcontest.
    German Rock and Pop Award (2019)
    third place at the German Finals of Deutscher rock and Pop preis in the category "Hard Rock".
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    Blood Brothers
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    Blood Brothers
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